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Weight Loss Tips | Weight Loss For Life!

Weight Loss Tips

Posted on September 8, 2012 by Mark R Williams

Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips Introduction

In this article, I am going to review some of the weight loss advice out there and give you some free healthy weight loss tips that you can implement right now! These will be both diet tips and exercise ideas.

If you do a quick search for weight loss tips, you will find some good advice, some bad advice, and even weird and dangerous advice. As I was researching information for this article, here is some “avoid this like the plague” stuff I found:

Weight Loss Tips to Avoid!

  • Ads for weight loss pills that promise to fix everything. (There can be a place for diet pills, but they will not work without changing the habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place.)
  • “pro ana” websites actually promoting anorexia as a solution for extreme weight loss! (Talk about weird and dangerous!)
  • Unsustainable crash diets that promise rapid weight loss. (Yes, you can lose weight fast, but there is a healthy way to do it.)

This video explains some excellent weight loss tips in a very engaging way:


Healthy, Common-Sense Weight Loss Tips

    • Drink plenty of water. Here is a weight loss tip I talk about all the time, and it bears repeating. Drink more water! The recommended intake is 9 cups for the average woman and 13 cups for the average man. Specifically, it’s an excellent idea to drink water before a meal to not only hydrate you, but also to help you feel full and ensure that you are not mistaking thirst for hunger. Drinking a lot of water will also flush toxins out of the body.
    • Focus on eating more of the weight loss foods that you like. This is a better approach than focusing on the negative of cutting out the bad stuff you like. By eating more good foods, like fruits, vegetables and lean protein, you leave less room for the foods you shouldn’t eat too much of. The weight loss tip here is to make your caloric intake around 80% healthy foods and allow for enjoyment of some of the foods that are not the best for you in moderation. This is more sustainable than never allowing yourself any pleasure in your eating. You also don’t have to be as much of a calorie counter!
    • Plan Ahead. It takes work to eat healthy, there’s no question about it. But the payoff is that you will have healthy foods around when you are hungry instead of junk food. This will result in less overall calories consumed. And, the calories you consume will be for foods that your body can better process and metabolize. It is not necessarily about eating less. It’s about eating enough of the right foods.
    • Be Creative. Being creative applies to both your diet and exercise. For example, I wouldn’t eat flax seeds by themselves, but I love ground flax seeds mixed in with my salad. I like to combine a lot of healthy foods together to make a healthy and filling meal. When it comes to exercise, some people like to “work out” and some people don’t. If you can’t stand working out routines, try engaging in a favorite sport or activity on a regular basis. Or, try taking brisk walks with your favorite music loaded up on the iPhone.

Here is a short, engaging video on the science of appetite and beating over-eating:


Healthy Weight Loss Tips Continued:

  •  Take Steps in the Right Direction. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. I am not going to give you body building tips, just start today by picking 1 thing to change about your diet and 1 thing to change to get more exercise. Keep track of changes and results. And, be nice to yourself. We are all flawed human beings and we make mistakes. When you blow it, just get back up again and keep at it. Sometimes, the best fitness tips are the ones we will actually do.
  • Get inspiration to stay on track! One of the reasons I try to include funny and inspirational videos and pictures in my posts is because we need humor and inspiration when we are trying to make a big change like losing weight. Watch TV shows like the biggest loser. Visit sites like calorie king. Even start a weight loss program with Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Lifesize Weight Loss, or Weight Watchers.
  • Set a Specific Goal and be Realistic. Have in mind what you are trying to accomplish with your weight loss plans and allow yourself time to get there. Trying to lose more than a pound or 2 a week is too much. Also, be aware that you may lose significant weight right away and then plateau. When I first started my weight loss program, I lost 13 pounds in the first 3 weeks. Then, I stayed the same weight for a couple of weeks, and then I started to lose about a pound a week until I hit my weight goal. Everyone is different. So just keep doing the right things and make adjustments along the way, and you will reach your goal.

Let me know your thoughts or success with any of these weight loss ideas by commenting below or joining the conversation on Facebook or Twitter. My information is on the top left side of the site.

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  4. Natural weight loss product September 19, 2012 at 11:11 am

    Thanks for giving this helpful views on weight loss. Drinking water keeps you hydrated & removes toxicity from body. Eat more fibrous foods, it increases metabolism. Keep exercising & involving your body more in physical activities.

  5. Danica November 17, 2012 at 8:28 am

    You can notice that both men and women are interested in losing their weight to achieve sexier and slimmer figure. It takes a lot of effort to attain that body figure. To be motivated on your plan, you may read weight loss quotes from the experts.

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