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Fast Weight Loss – Is There a Safe and Healthy Way? | Weight Loss For Life!

Fast Weight Loss – Is There a Safe and Healthy Way?

Posted on September 5, 2012 by Mark R Williams

Fast Weight Loss - Woman Running

Fast Weight Loss Introduction

It’s human nature – who wouldn’t want fast weight loss, right? In this article, I will explore this whole issue from the perspective of someone who promotes sustainable, healthy weight loss, not fad diets or crash diets.This is an important distinction. Anyone can achieve extreme weight loss temporarily. But, what we really want is to lose weight fast and keep it off permanently!


If you have read my past posts, you know that humorous and inspirational videos are weaved throughout my content. This video makes the point about eating healthy in a hilarious, unexpected way…enjoy:


Fast Weight Loss – Unhealthy Approaches

Just like anything else in life, some people, in their quest for the fastest weight loss method, try all kinds of weird and unsafe things. For example, there are “pro ana” (pro anorexia) websites out there that actually teach you how to become anorexic! This is a horrible idea and is a mockery of the struggles of true eating disorders!

There are also crash diet plans like the grapefruit diet that promise quick weight loss. Of course, there are other other strange diets that focus on one item too much. Examples include the cabbage soup diet, the cottage cheese crash diet, or a liquid diet. However, the results are usually temporary, and the weight loss is mostly fluids. The weight will come right back on when you go back to eating normally. Bottom line: you are not likely to find crash diets that work long term.

Fast Weight Loss – Incomplete Approaches

When I say that a rapid weight loss plan is incomplete, I am saying that there is an element of truth or usefulness in taking a particular action as a part of a comprehensive weight loss plan. The first example of this is a colon cleanse, candida cleanse, or detox diet. One such plan is the master cleanse plan. This includes, as one component, drinking lots of water with lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. This can make you feel full and help you eat less. So, when combined with proper diet and exercise, this is good. This plan also involves taking laxatives, which I don’t personally recommend! But it can be used as a temporary springboard to gain self control in your diet.

Another incomplete approach is trying to find the fastest weight loss pill without changing the underlying reasons for why you became overweight in the first place. There are a lot of diet pills out there, including emagrece sim, alli, hydroxycut, and thermocerin. There are also weight loss supplements like Slim Fast.

These can be beneficial, but you need to realize that you can’t be on them forever. Some contain caffeine and make you feel really jittery. Before you head over to GNC to get some easy weight loss pills, make sure you understand the side effects.

Also, really take some time to figure out what factors contributed to you to being overweight. I have a free 20 page report on this that explains how to really set yourself up for success in your weight loss journey. You can pick it up for free on the right sidebar of this website.

Next, there are people promoting easy weight loss exercises that you can supposedly do and then eat whatever you want. Be skeptical of such claims. Of course exercise is important, but eating right is at least as important. Don’t settle for just part of the plan.

Finally, I am sure you have seen advertisements for easy weight loss foods like Acai Berry or wu yi tea. There are also fast weigh loss diets like the 3 day diet and juice fasting. Again, these can be great as part of a plan to lose weight. But, I would recommend a comprehensive plan to totally change your lifestyle. Nothing less will get you the permanent weight loss you desire.

This is a brief, but inspiring video on why to lose weight. You can do it!


Fast Weight Loss – Healthy, Effective Approaches

So, we have talked about a lot of fast weight loss approaches that are either unhealthy or incomplete. So, what works? There are many great weight loss plans out there, including Weight Watchers, the Zone Diet, the South Beach Diet, and the raw food diet, just to name a few popular diets. Of course, there are combinations as well.

I will tell you the approach that worked for me. First, I changed my diet to cut out refined sugars and processed foods. I replaced them with lots of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains so that 80% of my diet is raw foods. I do still consume some meat. Just not as much as I used to. I was able to achieve some fast weight loss, losing 13 pounds in 3 weeks. Some people even lose 10 pounds in a week with this kind of approach if they have a lot of weight to lose.

The other component of my plan is regular exercise. Even if you hate to work out, find a sport you love or at least talk a brisk walk everyday. Something is better than nothing!

Fast Weight Loss – Other Approaches I am Researching

There are so many different approaches to weight loss that it takes time to research everything. There seems to be another celebrity weight loss story every week with a different approach. There are also plans like the Atkins Diet and Cambridge Diet. I will publish articles on these topics in the future. Please contact me on Twitter or Facebook if you have any thoughts on this article or any of the weight loss topics I discussed. My contact info is on the top right of this site.

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